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This page is dedicated to the great people and organizations that helped The Nuts get started in this crazy business of turning money into noise and smoke.
Greg Kimbrough
The man who almost sold us our first race car and helped us get our bearings on getting started on the track. Greg's been away from racing for a few months as he's been in Iraq setting up water bottling operations to aid our military and humanitarian efforts over there. He got back home in May of 2006, and we hope to meet him at the track soon.
Ron Zappendorf (Discovery Motorsports)
Inimitable supplier of race and safety gear and supplies, and dispenser of wisdom and contacts. If you have trouble with their web site, give them a call (toll free) at 888-748-RACE (888-748-7223). Heck, if you're in the Doraville area, just drop on by the shop, at least on weekdays. On weekends, they're usually at one track or another. The address of the store is 6475 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Atlanta, GA. (map)
Pete Bennett's Service Station
These folks have been great to us, especially with regards to mounting, dismounting, remounting, and balancing our race tires and wheels. The Bennetts race both karts and cars on ovals, but they don't look down on The Nuts for turning in both directions. If you're in the Alpharetta/Cumming area, their phone number is 770-475-6611 and their address is 5590 Highway 9 N, Alpharetta, GA 30004. (map)
Marty Barrett
Our first HPDE instructor and all around good guy. Marty had a lot to do with how quickly we came up to speed, safely, on the track.
Lee & Les Stabler
Lefty's second HPDE instructors, and also all around good guys. Lee & Les also made a big difference in our initial efforts at getting up to speed safely.
Jacqueline Blackwell
(Road Atlanta, Special Project Manager). Jacqueline keeps us abreast of the upcoming events at Road Atlanta, especially the ones we can get paid for working.
Paul Morrison (
For being a really stand up guy with a good product at a great price. Paul is a great person to do business with.
Janice Squires
(Carolina Motorsports Park, Office Manager)
Stan Martin (Chief of Flagging & Communications for the Atlanta Region of the SCCA)
Stan and all of the other F&C folks gave us a great start in our first couple of outings as corner workers.
Rebecca Bertok (South Carolina Region SCCA)
Rebecca helped us out a lot with getting involved in F&C.
Bob Ziner, Pat Ziner, and Ray Marsh (SCCA F&C Folks)
They did a great job with our initial training and have been good friends since.
Sam Henderson (Precision Performance Corvette, Greenville, SC, & SCCA IT-7 competitor)
We'll soon be competing with Sam at the races, but he’s been a great help with our RX-7s. He even gave us some lightly used race tires! Sam’s phone number at the shop is 864-297-0313, and the shop is at 104 International Court, Greenville, SC 29607. (map)
Skip Shanke (Discount Tire)
Skip gives us great service to go along with good deals.
Joe Hooker & Sylvia Patterson (Carolina Motorsports Park)
They've put together a great road course as well as a great program of High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) events. They've both been very good to The Nuts.
Bob Vilven (Vilven Tire Company)
A great guy and a great tire dealer. Call Bob at 800-251-0017, or visit their shop at 101 West Main St. Royal, IL 61871. (map)
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