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Scott's Picture My name is Scott Franklin, otherwise known as the “Right Nut” [Or is that the Right Honorable Nut? Ed.] or “Righty”. After years of being a race fan, race attendee, and racer of nearly every scale of both electric and gas radio control cars for more than a decade, “Lefty” and I have decided to venture into the realm of full-scale competition. With the help of Grassroots Motorsports magazine, Greg Kimbrough, the staff of Road Atlanta (especially Joyce Slaughter, Jacqueline Blackwell, and Earl Fannin), the Road Atlanta Grand Prix Club, and the many folks that were kind enough to take time out of their race weekends to talk to a couple of nosy hangers-on, we hope to be competing in wheel-to-wheel competition in SCCA, HSR, NASA, and other organizations.

After seriously looking at several competition cars, we have purchased a first generation Mazda RX-7 that is classed in ITA/IT7 in SCCA. Thanks especially go to Roger “Mr. IMSA” Mandeville of Mandeville Auto Tech (864-585-0389) for his time, wisdom and guidance. Thanks also go to Ron Zappendorf of Discovery Parts for his help with safety equipment, connecting us with other racers and resources, and some good (and not so good) jokes.

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