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Baby Grand Chassis #0084
Dimensions: 76.5” wheelbase
11’ 11” length
53.0” width
42.0” height
Fiberglass one-piece Monte Carlo body
The manufacturer calls it two-thirds scale compared to an
actual NASCAR racer. It looks a little smaller than that to us, though.
Engine: Yamaha XJR 1300 (1250cc) (120-125 HP, ~90 lb-ft)
Prepared by Hank Scott Racing
All HSR oiling mods
Dual SETRAB oil coolers
Oversize remote oil filter
AN lines
DYNA 2000 ignition
Driveline: Rear Wheel Drive
Five-speed sequential manual transmission
Winters Quick Change rear end
Shoes: Bassett steel 13” x 7” wheels
Goodyear Eagle 21 x 13 - 7.5 slicks
Safety: Five-point harness
On-board Halon fire system
Butlerbuilt aluminum racing seat
Fuel Supply: FuelSafe 5 gallon fuel cell
Suspension: Afco Coil-Over Shocks
Stiletto Rack & Pinion steering
Moog ball joints
Construction: 1.5” x 0.095” tubing
2” square 14 ga. frame rails
Brakes: Tilton master cylinder
Instrumentation: Autometer gauges
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