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From the 15th through the 18th of October, Road Atlanta hosted the sixth annual American le Mans-sanctioned Petit le Mans. The Nuts were able to attend all of the days except the 15th. So far, we've been able to attend all of the Petit le Mans events, and we hope to continue to do so in the future.

It was a great event, as usual, and the crowd was larger than in years past. That probably relates to the fact that the race was advertised a lot more this year than previous years. That did make it hard to get up close to the teams, cars, and track, though. It was so tough, in fact, that I might not bother with much on-track photography in the future, unless I can wrangle credentials out of someone. :-)

We updated our “Panoz Hats” gag for this event, so the hats would have the same livery as the cars running at the event. Righty even found some BBS-replica wheels from one of his remote control cars that were almost exact matches for the full size BBS wheels used by the JML race team!

We also went the hats one better by “going as the track”. Yes, you read that correctly, we went “as the track” That means that we took some spruce green coveralls and painted on a representation of the course at Road Atlanta from turn nine through turn twelve, across the front stretch and the pro pits, and on across to turn five. Photos of the hats and suits are below.

Both the hats and the suits made a big impression, around the track, at the autograph session, and on the starting grid. In fact, as the pictures show, Olivier Beretta and Max Papis borrowed our hats after autographing them and clowned around a bit during the autograph session. We're told we ended up on the broadcast from the starting grid before the race, but we haven't see it yet. Some photos of us are starting to show up on the web, and we'll add them to the Hat Photos page as we find them.

  • Photo with Earl Fannin, head of PR for Road Atlanta, in media center
  • Got hats autographed by all six drivers
  • Exhausted, we left about 45 minutes before the end of the race and missed the BMW blowing its engine and oiling down the approach to turn 10A and the ensuing mayhem

NutShots: Petit Photos

This section displays some of the photos that Lefty took at the event. All images are copyright 2003, Douglas N. Franklin, and all rights are reserved. Click on the thumbnail images to see larger versions.

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Panoz Hats & Track Suits


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