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Doug's Picture Hi there, I'm Doug Franklin, otherwise known as “Left Nut” or “Lefty”. I really like to drive fast. The powers that be don't seem quite as enthusiastic about that as I am. So I'm getting started with the whole high-performance driver's education (HPDE), track days, racing sequence. Since my brother is also a fan of going really fast, and we get along pretty well, we're doing it together.

By nature I'm a problem solver and collector of generally useless trivia. By training and career choice, I develop computer software. I've created programs and libraries and user documentation, on platforms from Microsoft Windows to bare hardware.

But I've always enjoyed mechanical art and things technical, and I've had a lead foot since the first day I got behind the wheel of an automobile. Now, I've finally reached a point in my life at which I can indulge those desires a little bit, legally. :-)

By the way, the photo is from the “Hot Lap” I got to take at the 2002 Petit le Mans preview event. The driver is Cass Whitehead, who is one of the instructors for the Panoz Racing School. There's more description of the event here.

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