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RX-7 in POs Driveway RX-7 on trailer
The Nuts have just closed the deal, and they're loading the car onto the trailer they bought at the same time. You can see the spare transmission that came in the deal strapped to the front of the trailer. In the background you can see the PO's Porsche 911 car for Porsche Club of America (PCA) competition.

RX-7 under tow RX-7 at new home
Leaving Columbia under tow (left), and resting peacefully in its new home at “Righty's” house (right).

RX-7 rear quarter view
If you look closely, over the top of the tires in the back, you can see a little of the main roll cage hoop, stern braces, and triangulation braces. This car has a nice cage, and that's one of the reasons The Nuts bought it. The spare set of Hoosier slicks on Panasport wheels that came in the deal are in the back of the car. It also came with a set of stock steel wheels mounted with Hoosier Dirt Stockers as rain tires.

RX-7 cage from right RX-7 cage from left
These photos give you a better look at the cockpit and the side intrusion portions of the cage. The bracing on the drivers side door makes The Nuts' hearts warm. The passenger side is empty, and they're going to put in a seat and harness for instructors.

RX-7 engine bay from right RX-7 engine bay from left
The engine bay from each side. The Racing Beat air cleaner and strut tower brace are easily visible. The Racing Beat “Red Hot” plug wires are pretty obvious, too. The bay seems pretty empty after working on Lefty's late-model Mustang or Righty's Focus ZX-3. :-)

RX-7 pilot's view
The pilot's view of the cockpit. The steering wheel (not shown) is a Momo. The stereo has been replaced with a variety of gauges and a big no oil pressure warning light. The cross beams of the cage are nice, but Lefty would rather have them at the base of the windshield instead of right above his knees. Above the frame of the picture is a big four-section mirror, which is good, because visibility out the sides is not as good as it could be. The next step is to get the pedals and shifter and all that stuff adjusted to suit them.

RX-7 GRM sticker
The Nuts very quickly put on stickers for Grassroots Motorsports (GRM) magazine. One for Discovery Parts is probably already on there. The photos were taken a couple of days before this text was written. Righty is also going to remove the big numbers so we can put GRM number panels on. We're hoping to save the blue stripes and most of the other graphics, but some of the ones on top of the stripes are going to go, so the stripes are in danger.

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