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2008 American Road Race of Champions

7 – 9 November 2008
Atlanta Region, SCCA
Gallery Pages

2008-11-12 20:56
Added the beginnings of the gallery. At the moment, it only contains the podium photos. I’ll be working on adding more photos over the coming days.
2008-11-11 18:53
Just getting started. Added this page as a placeholder and linked it in to the menus. First thing to come will be a gallery for the podium photos. More galleries will come later.
2008-11-10 12:28
The racing sounded good and close from the conversations we had and overheard in the winner’s circle. Overall, the carnage seemed neither worse nor better than average. They did manage to thoroughly destroy a few cars, and bang up quite a number of them. There were even a couple of heroic stories of folks putting their car in the wall on Thursday or Friday and getting them put together in time to run and sometimes win on Saturday.
We were surprised that the region wasn’t sending the winners out on victory laps. That had been the custom for as long as we have been involved or spectating the ARRC. It saved a lot of confusion on pit road and in the winner’s circle area, and it let them squeeze the sessions together more tightly on Saturday, which made keeping the schedule a lot easier. The final run group came off the track and was out of the winner’s circle by 1700.
2008-11-09 16:53
Lefty just got back from Road Atlanta after the annual American Road Race of Champions (ARRC). Righty is probably still on the road. We covered the podium and winner’s circle activities, as we’ve done for several years. On Sunday, we got out around the track a bit, but were just pooped from yesterday’s activities. So we headed home a bit early.
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