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GFM 2004 Photo Pages

This contains links to the photo gallery pages created by members of the Pentax Discussion Mailing List (PDML). The photos revolve around the 2004 edition of the Grandfather Mountain Nature Photo Weekend (GFM NPW) event at. Some photos are actually from the weekend, while some illustrate the “trials and tribulations” of getting to and from the NPW, especially for the international PDML members that attended.
Mark Roberts
Tom van Veen & Tanja
Tom van Veen (pre GFM)
Frank Theriault
Bruce Dayton
Cory Waters
Bill Owens
Ann Sanfedele PDML Central Sign
Carolina Rhododendron
Mountain Laurel
Nameless Plant, Hmmm
Setting Up the Group Shot
Steep Grade
Stan Halpin

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