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MAZDA RX-7 ITA/ITS TRACK CAR This is The Nuts first racecar. The car has been moderately prepared, suitable for the SCCA Improved Touring A (IT-A) or Improved Touring RX-7 (IT-7) classes, NASA classes and HSR Sports Challenge classes.

The Nuts just purchased the car and haven't had it out on the track. But they're really itching to do just that. “Righty” lives near the Mandeville shop, and they're going to get them to look over the car.

It's a 1979 chassis with about 140,000 miles. The engine is a 1983 with about 35,000 miles on it before it came off the road. The brakes are also from an '83. According to the log book, it was converted to race use in 1992, and last had an annual technical inspection in January of 2003.

Since then, it has about twenty or twenty-five track events, races, track days, and DEs. It has run mostly in the upper Midwest and the Northeast, and a couple of times in Texas, Virginia, and the Carolinas. The previous owner bought it for ITA competition, but only drove it about four times in 2002, versus about nine Porsche Club of America (PCA) events. So The Nuts bought his car and spares. :-)

Well, the car looks a little different now. In removing some of the graphics, The Nuts ended up removing some of the paint from the hood and doors. So, they're going to give it a quick cover with rattlecans, and do a full paint job in the fall. Lefty would like to do the old blue and orange “Gulf” paint scheme, but we'll see if he can talk Righty into it.





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