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Racing makes heroin addiction look like a vague longing for something salty.
— Peter Egan
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NutDriver Welcome to the Internet home of NutDriver Racing. We are “Left Nut” (a/k/a “Lefty”) and “Right Nut” (a/k/a “Righty”), and our motto is

Tighten up that nut behind the wheel!
Carl, over there to the right, is the “Nut” in question. He came to visit from the nervous hospital, and decided he'd found a new home, so he stayed. Things haven't been quite the same since.

We hold Regional SCCA licenses as Club Racers and Flagging & Communications volunteers. In addition, we sometimes do trackside photography for the Atlanta Region SCCA and from the spectator areas for the pro events at Road Atlanta.

Recent Updates

4 Oct 11 OK, we've gotten very busy the last months, and we've given up on keeping this site up to date. We have set up a Facebook page under the name NutDriver Racing. That page gets the updates these days. We'll try to copy the pertinent parts over to this web site. If the past is any guide, however, we will be less than fully successful.
9 Nov 10 After a long hiatus, we're back to trying to get something together on our web presence. We're putting a few updates here, but we're also experimenting with other technologies. Hopefully we'll get our stuff together and start catching up with the backlog by the end of 2010. As a start, we added a short video clip from the SpeedTV coverage of the 2003 Petit le Mans. Their end-of-coverage video montage contained a few seconds of us on the grid in our “Track Suits” so I added a link to the YouTube video to the 2003 Petit le Mans page.
26 May 09 Congratulations to Righty! He ran both of the SARRC races at Carolina Motorsports Park last weekend in the annual Memorial Monster event organized by the Central Carolinas Region of the SCCA. On Saturday, he scored a second in the SPU class, and on Sunday, he chalked up his first class win, and the first class win for either of us. Woo Hoo!
23 Feb 09 We spent the weekend at Road Atlanta racing a rented Spec Miata, and we took delivery of our newly-rebuild ’Busa Grandé racecar. We are working on the article for the weekend and we have a few photos.
27 Jan 09 Leto Photo Rest in Peace, Leto. 1992-2009. Leto was the oldest of Lefty's oldest cat, at seventeen years. This morning, one of his feet was badly swollen, so Lefty took him to the vet, only to discover he was suffering kidney failure and congestive heart failure, too. :-(
3 Dec 08 Added photos to the page for the 2006 Goblins Go race.
1 Dec 08 One more done. The 2007 Buck Muse Memorial event at Carolina Motorsports Park. More to come!
25 Nov 08 OK, one more down. We finally have the race report from The Rock back in March of 2007 complete and on the site.
24 Nov 08 Finally completed the oldest incomplete race report, the Goblins Go event at VIR. Started to work on the report for the March Memories event at North Carolina Motor Speedway, the next oldest, but need to get input from others. Hopefully we’ll get time soon to update the rest of them.
12 Nov 08 The podium photos from the ARRC are now available. I’ll be working on the rest of the photos over the coming days.
11 Nov 08 Last weekend was the fifteenth annual American Road Race of Champions (ARRC) at Road Atlanta. We again took the photos of the podium and winner's circle activities for the Steeringwheel, the Atlanta Region’s newsletter. So most of the photos that aren’t in the winner's circle area are from the front stretch. We’ll be getting the photos up in galleries over the next few days.
26 Oct 08 After messing around on other things for months, we're finally trying to get this site up to date. So far, we've simply added placeholders for some of the updates. In the coming weeks, we plan finish the updates, hopefully before the start of 2009.
6 Feb 08 Well, Lefty been really busy since the ARRC, and therefore really slack about updating this site. He finally got the podium photos up, on the site, but not any of the other photos from the ARRC. He’s going out of town for a week soon, but will try to get more of the ARRC photos up soon after he returns. A few of them are being used in promotions by the Atlanta Region and some of the series that run at the ARRC. In the meantime, he’s playing around with minor little stuff on the site.
8 Nov 07 Lefty is in position at the hotel, with plans to get up early an join the worker meeting at 0730. We’ll see if that works out. Tomorrow, some photos.

BTW, I just noticed I didn’t include a link for the 2007 ARRC “placeholder” page, so here it is.
7 Nov 07 Getting ready for the Grassroots Motorsports magazine American Road Race of Champions (ARRC) organized by the Atlanta RegionSCCA at Road Atlanta. Lefty will be there all three days. Righty will have to miss Friday. We’ve got a placeholder page up and we’ll add to it as we go.
22 Oct 07 We attended the 10th Anniversary Petit le Mans. A short article and small gallery are available.
29 May 07 Last weekend we ran the Memorial Monster event put on by the Central Carolinas Region of the SCCA at Carolina Motorsports Park. We got our second finish for the season, and a third place in our class. Article coming soon.
2 Apr 07 We returned to Carolina Motorsports Park for our first joint event of the season to run the . Buck Muse Memorial event put on by the South Carolinas Region of the SCCA. Lefty got a finish and avoided finishing DFL. Righty, on the other hand, made a great run to take a 2nd place! Article coming soon.
26 Mar 07 We tried to get the #91 RX-7 ready to run last weekend at Road Atlanta, but things didn’t work out. So we worked corners at the event instead. More info later. Also, we’re working on an update for the story of Rockingham a couple of weeks back.
11 Mar 07 After an expensive off season, Righty got The Nuts back on track to begin the 2007 season at Rockingham. We’ll have more details later, but we wanted to go ahead and get a big THANKS! to all of the volunteers at the event, especially the ones with fire extinguishers in their hands around the exit from the pits to the paddock.
27 Nov 06 Rest In Peace, Chani. This morning Lefty had to put down Chani, the oldest of his four cats.
20 Nov 06 Lefty did some of the photography for the Atlanta Region at the American Road Race of Champions (ARRC) at Road Atlanta and Righty performed admirably as his aide de camp. After a week of post processing and captioning, we finally got a gallery up on the site today.
15 Nov 06 Put up "stubs" for what will become the home page and gallery for the 2006 American Road Race of Champions.

The Future

We’re starting our fourth year as road racing participants rather than spectators. We’re still just getting started in many ways. So far, we’ve acquired four track cars, sold two, and have two in the stable. The Race Cars link will take you to pages describing each of them and the For Sale link takes you to a page showing things The Nuts have up for sale at the moment.

Next stops:

  1. More track time!
  2. More racing!
We’ll try to keep you posted about where we’re planning to race via the NutNotes journal. If you’re going to be at a race we’re attending, please drop by and say hello. *counter unavailable*
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